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Atiilu Real Estate & Property Management (a division of MFL Training Ltd.) is licensed and bonded, according to the legal requirements of the Government of Nunavut, and can manage your properties by:

  • Finding tenants
  • Securing leases
  • Performing ingoing inspections
  • Collecting rent
  • Attending to repairs on a 24/7 basis
  • Sending you a monthly account

Service You Can Trust

In addition, Atiilu Real Estate & Property Management can also sell your properties by:

Price Determination

To recommend a fair market value for the property based on comparative sales.


  • Signpost – place an Atiilu For Sale sign on the house
  • Neighbours – advise the neighbours about the sale partly to determine if they have friends who may be interested in living in this neighbourhood
  • Information Package – prepare an information package for the house that can be easily distributed
  • Website – post the house on Atiilu’s website
  • Distribution List – notify the approximately 400 interested home buyers on Atiilu’s distribution list about the house
  • Social Media Ads – as deemed appropriate


  • As required – can respond to any requests to show the home
  • Open Houses – probably every other week


  • Individual – can prepare offer from interested purchaser and respond with counter offer, if required
  • Multiple – can deal with multiple offers if more than one party is interested in purchasing the property
  • Will forward the required documents to the respective lawyers

Report to Client

  • Bi-weekly updates – will provide bi-weekly updates to owners about the number of visits and the responses from prospective purchasers to the condo and its price


  • Utility Providers – will notify Uqsuq, QEC & the City that the house is being sold
  • Final Inspection – will view the house with the purchaser immediately after the sale has closed and will turn over key


At Atiilu we take 3% of the final selling price. This is far less than the southern standard of 7%.

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